Trials form the staple of the All Wheel Drive Club calendar with an event taking place somewhere in the country almost every weekend.

There are different trials classes to suit every type of 4x4 vehicle each running over terrain suitable for that particular class of vehicle whether it be Standard or highly Modified.

If you want to put your driving skills and your 4x4 to the test then Trials will provide the means to do it. Drivers from the age of 13 are catered for in Tyro Trials which often run alongside the other classes over more appropriate terrain.

For full information on the wide range of Trials events please see the following articles...

Trials Championships 2017 04/02/2017


Fifteen points are awarded for the first position in a trial, twelve points for second, etc., down to one point for tenth place. In the case of a tie at a trial the competitors in the tied position are each awarded the same points. Positions are based purely on penalties without regard to any tie breaking rule that may have been used on the day of the trial. Separately, class points are awarded for the five trials classes. Any member who is Clerk of the Course at a SVT, AVT or Modified vehicle trial, will be awarded twelve class points.