Code of Conduct for Competitors and Spectators at AWDC Events

(This is designed to reflect common sense and make events as safe and pleasant for everybody as possible)

1.    All competitors are expected to behave with sportsmanship and respect towards other competitors and spectators.

2.    All competitors are expected to show respect to event officials and marshals. Without these volunteers events cannot run.

3.    Competitors must act in accordance with any instruction given by officials and marshals. There will be a reason for the request even if you are not aware of the reason at the time. Competitors must assist with clearing the site if required to do so.

4.    Competitors are expected to behave responsibly in all public areas, e.g. pits, car parks and camping areas. This includes:

•    Not exceeding the relevant speed restriction for that competition in all public areas.
•    Not practising in public areas such as wheel spinning, fiddle brake testing etc.

5.    Competitors are expected to behave considerately in public areas:

•    No generators or loud music after 11 pm.
•    No competitor vehicles to be started before 8.00 am.
•    No open fires without the express permission of the Clerk of Course.
•    No bottles or cans to be thrown onto fires.

6.    All competitors and participants at events have a responsibility to leave a site in good order, including taking home all rubbish, damaged tyres etc.

7.    All dogs must be kept under control at all times and on leads while a competition is in progress.

8.    When leaving a site, competitors must ensure that any competition vehicle driven on the public highway comply with Road Traffic Act requirements.

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