Competitive Safaris involve specially modified 4x4 vehicles tackling a specially laid out course at high speed. There are classes for a wide variety of vehicles from Standard Production Class through to purpose built specials with a variety of engine sizes.

Each vehicle must complete a prescribed number of runs over the course during the day with the fastest cumulative time revealing the winner.

All vehicles must comply with the Technical Regulations with safety features such as roll cages, harnesses and crash helmets mandatory.

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Safari/Safari Lite Awards 2018

Safari Points System 100 points for event winner reducing to 99 for second etc. Completed runs required to be classified as a finisher are 75% – rounded up if there are an uneven number. One point is awarded to non-finishers. The best seven results count towards the championship. 90 Overall points and 98 Class points will be awarded to registered drivers when acting as senior event officials (Secretary or CoC.).