(L) list 5 Permitted Tyres AWDC can only use tyres from List 5(a)All terrain or List 5(b) Mud Terrain

For Competitive Safari and Hillrallies

56.7.4. Competitive Safaris, and Hill Rallies must specify tyre eligibility from Tyre List 5 in the SRs.  Tyres will be classified as All Terrain, Mud Terrain or Extreme and will be judged against the AT and MT patterns from leading manufacturers, including BFG and General Tire. 

Reason: The change maintains the sports need to consider ground damage and to manage the use of aggressive tyres whilst removing the burden of maintaining extensive lists of readily available consumer tyres.  This also removes the delay for newly introduced tyres being eligible as they will no longer have to wait to be specifically approved.
Date of implementation: 1st January 2019



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