Regulation advised for 2018 Mandatory from 01/01/2019 Vic Palmer 03/01/2018

Please be advised Crash Helmets of Snell SA 2005 and Sfi FIA 8858-2002 /SFI 31.1 /SFI 31.1A / SFI 31.2A standard can no longer be used after the 31/12 /2018 Please note Duel standard SNELL 2005/FIA 8860-2004 CAN BE USED FOR MOTORSPORT NATIONAL EVENTS UNTIL 31/12/20 BUT MUST HAVE FHR POST FITTED  


From the 01/01/2019 it will be mandatory to use a FIA Approved  F H D for all competitors in Hill Rallys  and Safaris 



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